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Dominic's Journey, Mom's journal has this to say about Austism Speaks: "I have made no bones about the fact that Autism Speaks does not speak for us.  And that I will never be one to light it up blue. For those of you who are new readers, you can see why in some of my previous posts Their track record has not improved much from 2013 when I looked at their taxes.  They currently are spending about 4% of their budget on families.  Its been almost  one year since I joined up with TeamTMR , the non profit arm of The Thinking Moms Revolution and in that time I have been consistently impressed with how my colleagues in TeamTMR GET STUFF DONE." more...

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STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Emelie is plagued by hallucinations and nightmares. When she wakes up, she&#39;s often paralyzed, unable to breathe properly or call for help. During the day she can barely stay awake, and often misses school or having fun with friends. more...

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Sean Niemi describes his painful battle for his rights to refuse vaccination while serving in the army. A right protected not only by the constitution, but by army regulation AR 40-562. more...

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Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism Comments Marcella Piper-Terry, M.S., Founder of VaxTruth.Org writes how vaccines don't cause autism, however they cause all of the conditions that make up an autism diagnosis: "Okay. I give up. Vaccines do not cause autism. Autism is a behavioral diagnosis. In order to receive the diagnosis of “Autism” a child must exhibit a certain number of behaviors over a certain time frame. If he or she does not do so, the diagnosis of “autism” is not warranted. There is no blood test for “autism.” more...

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In this 3rd installment, Dan Olmstead continues his discussion of the fraudulent journalism of Brian Deer, the BMJ and the Sunday Times more...

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A Fox News Report on the safety in hospitals and medical errors: "Millions of people die each year from medical errors and infections linked to health care and going into hospital is far riskier than flying, the World Health Organization said on Thursday." This information is not new however and has been covered in depth by Gary Null in his book: "Death By Medicine" more...

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The Vaccine Machine has a go at David Ropeik. Ropeik has tried to argue that those who choose not to vaccinated pose a threat to themselves and to the community at large and therefore must be stopped. Earlier in the week, the LA Times published his article entitled "Public health: Not vaccinated? Not acceptable". Robert Schecter takes his piece apart point by point. more...

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In this first of a 2-part series, Dan Olmstead investigates the fraudulent reporting practices of the Murdoch-owned Sunday Times. In particular he looks into the investigation tactics and reporting of Brian Deer regarding the Andrew Wakefield MMR controversy. more...

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KidZui Mom discusses the issues surrounding making an informed decision whether or not to vaccinate: "If you had asked me five years ago (when I was pregnant with our first child) if I believed in childhood vaccines, I would have looked at you like you had a set of horns growing from your head. “Of course, I believe in them! Don’t YOU? It’s our duty to protect our children from those diseases!” However soon she began to have questions which she goes into in this interesting blog post. more...

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28 June 2011 Heidi Stevensen blog post on gaia-health.com: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) would prefer that you remain unaware of a couple of highly significant facts about the whooping cough resurgence. It is most likely caused by the pertussis vaccine and it's ten times more deadly than the original variety. more...

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Australian scientist Barry Marshall plans to create a drinkable flu vaccine from a cancer bug he created that won him the Nobel Prize. Trials are slated to begin next year. more...

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J. D. Heyes discusses the history behind the Polio vaccine and its contamination with the cancer-causing SV40 virus. more...

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From a file of 1127 children in whom signs of brain damage were reported after injections of vaccines containing pertussis antigen, the first 197 cases with good documentation of events were chosen for further study. From a mathematical model constructed from data in published reports, it is calculated that the frequency of convulsions appears to be higher by 2: 1 in vaccinated than in unvaccinated infants more...

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Taking steps to care for vaccines' victims AS a baby, Jacob McCarthy swallowed a spoonful of vaccine given by his doctor to protect him from polio. Unfortunately the vaccine that was supposed to protect him from the potential harms of contracting polio gave him the very symptoms that it was meant to prevent including paralysis. more...

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A Documentary Film THE GREATER GOOD looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program. Latest News: THE GREATER GOOD was recently featured at the 2011 Amsterdam Film Festival and received the Cinematic Vision Award. To see more about the festival, visit the Amsterdam Film Festival Website. THE GREATER GOOD has now been accepted into the Sidewalk Film Festival taking place in Birmingham, Alabama August 26-28: http://almovingimage.org/sidewalk-fest.html more...

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